Is Dental Anxiety Your Fear Factor?

nervous man biting fingernails

Does the thought of going to the dentist fill you with anxiety? Anxiety toward the dentist and dental treatment leads to avoidance of dental care. Many people have some level of anxiety about dentists and dental treatment. Most people are able to push past their fears and get their treatment completed. For others, it’s not that simple. If you’re in that category, you have options to handle your anxiety and get the dental treatment you need. At Dentistry by Angela Britt, we make every effort to ease your dental anxiety.

Recognize the reasons for your anxiety.

Make a list of what makes you anxious about going to the dentist. Write down the reason behind your feelings. Below is a list of common triggers of dental anxiety.

  • Fear of actual pain or perceived pain triggered by needles, dental drills, or the dental setting in general.
  • Loss of control because you can’t see what’s going on. Also, you don’t know what’s going to happen next.
  • Previous bad experience or a secondhand experience of a family member or friend.
  • Feeling claustrophobic in the dental chair with people inches away from your face. You feel like your personal space is being invaded.
  • Embarrassment about the condition of your mouth. You fear that the dentist will judge you based on the condition of your mouth.

Communicate your anxiety.

Get it out in the open. Talk to the dentist about your specific fears or anxieties. Your dentist is there to listen without judgment and develop an action plan to calm your fears. Every effort will be made to make you feel comfortable and at ease.

Team members have the training to assist you in anxious moments as well. Everyone is ready to do their part to make your experience as pleasant as possible.

Solutions to ease your anxiety

NuCalm is a system clinically designed to allow patients to relax naturally. It works within minutes. The system is based on four components working together to put you in a state of relaxation. There are no side effects, so no recuperative time or supervision is needed.

Conscious sedation uses medication to help patients relax during dental treatment. Sometimes it’s referred to as sleep dentistry, but that’s not entirely accurate. Patients are generally awake but in a relaxed state. You take your medication the day of your appointment. Also, you’ll need someone to drive you to and from your appointment.

Are you ready to take the next step toward facing your fears? Dr. Angela Britt and team members are ready to ease you dental anxieties. If you live in Brunswick, Georgia, or the surrounding areas, call our office to schedule an appointment.

Your pathway to an all-natural relaxation begins with NuCalm

woman getting a massage looking very relaxed

Do you hesitate when it comes to making your dental appointment? Do you have stress, fear or anxiety from your dental visits? Have you had a stressful day and want to relax during your dental visit? If so, let’s talk about NuCalm.

NuCalm uses therapeutic music to mimic your body’s own process of “winding down” and preparing for sleep. You will feel the same way you feel just as you are about to fall asleep.

NuCalm is 4 simple steps:

  • All natural supplements are chewed to counteract adrenaline
  • Stickers are placed behind the ears to help the relaxation begin
  • Soothing music is played through headphones to create a deep relaxation
  • Room darkening eye covers keep the light out to maintain deep relaxation
    dental patient using room darkening eye covers Nucalm
    NuCalm is the perfect way to balance your mind and body with a “power nap”. No side effects. Turn off the music and drive home.

Come enjoy NuCalm and leave your stress behind.

Dr. Angela Britt