Sedation Dentistry: Is it Possible to Relax at the Dentist?

Have you avoided visiting the dentist for routine dental care or needed treatments because of dental anxiety? If so, you are not alone. Many Americans suffer from some form of dental fear that prevents them from receiving care. Avoiding dental care for prolonged periods of time can lead to tooth decay, the need for additional treatments, and added costs. Sedation dentistry allows our patients to receive the care they need while remaining in a relaxed state.

Do You Feel Anxious About Coming To Our Practice?

We are always trying to find better ways to give our patients the best dental care possible. It’s not only great results we’re after, but providing a relaxing and comfortable experience as well. However, that might not seem possible to some patients who struggle with anxiety or fear of dental treatments. The good news is that we have a few options to calm your nerves so you can get the treatment you need, and there is one in particular we’d love to share with you. Read on to find out about this unique treatment.

Calm Your Dental Anxiety With IV sedation

Do you put off your dentist appointments because of anxiety? You’re not alone. 15% of Americans avoid the dentist due to fear of dental treatments, including routine cleanings. We don’t want you to stop taking care of your teeth or avoid important dental treatments that can improve your oral health. That’s why we offer IV sedation, or “twilight” sedation, to help you have a relaxing and comfortable dental experience.

We Have Some Exciting News to Share With You!

It has always been our goal to bring you every possible comfort as you experience your dental treatments with us. As a member of our dental family, you may already know that we offer relaxation dentistry. We are very excited to introduce you to the newest member of our dental family who will provide this additional service in sedation dentistry. Click here to learn more about our new service and our new team member.

Oral Sedation

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Is Dental Anxiety Your Fear Factor?

Does the thought of going to the dentist fill you with anxiety? Anxiety toward the dentist and dental treatment leads to avoidance of dental care. Many people have some level of anxiety about dentists and dental treatment. Most people are able to push past their fears and get their treatment completed. For others, it’s not that simple. If you’re in that category, you have options to handle your anxiety and get the dental treatment you need. At Dentistry by Angela Britt, we make every effort to ease your dental anxiety. Recognize the reasons for your anxiety. Make a list of…

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Sedation Dentistry

Are you delaying dental treatment due to fear? If your answer is yes, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Millions of people are fearful for many different reasons. Some people have experienced trauma due to past dental experiences, while others may be afraid of needles. Certain smells in the dental office can also trigger anxiety and just the sight of the “Dentist” can cause the heart rate to increase. For Millions of Americans, Sedation Dentistry is a dream come true! With sedation dentistry, you don’t have to be afraid anymore. Oral Sedation Dentistry protocols have been used safely for over 30 years…