Common Solutions for Damaged Teeth

Have you been tolerating issues with your teeth and smile that you aren’t happy about but don’t know how to fix? Many people go through life hiding flaws like cracked, broken or chipped teeth by covering their mouths when they speak or avoiding smiling. It leaves them feeling self-conscious in situations where they’re in the spotlight, such as work meetings or family photos.

Besides not feeling good about how their teeth look, these patients are also covering up potential dental problems that can result from having damaged teeth.

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Damaged Teeth

Chipped, broken or cracked teeth can cause pain and discomfort as well as put you at risk for losing the tooth. Avoiding chewing on a damaged tooth can also cause your teeth to become misaligned, leading to wear and tear on your healthy teeth.

Cosmetic Dentistry Solutions

Thanks to modern dentistry, however, you now have plenty of options to help restore your teeth so you can live life with confidence. At Dentistry by Angela Britt, we stay on top of the latest techniques in cosmetic dentistry in order to deliver our patients the outcomes they deserve. Here are a few common ways that we are able to restore damaged teeth:

  • Bonding: If you have a cracked tooth, we are able to fill it with material to match your natural teeth and restore its function.
  • Porcelain veneers: Veneers are a subtle way to alter the shape, size or color of your teeth using a thin piece of porcelain that is bonded to the front of the tooth.
  • Dental implants: A long-term solution for replacing missing or damaged teeth, implants are a popular solution because they look and feel like your natural teeth and can last a lifetime when properly cared for.

We are happy to offer treatments like these to patients in the Brunswick, Georgia area who are tired of hiding their damaged teeth and seeking a solution to help them achieve a smile they can be proud of. Please call our office to schedule a consultation. We look forward to helping you.