Oral Cancer screening is very important, here is why

Did you know:

  • One person every hour of every day dies of Oral Cancer in America
  • Oral cancer has become a leader in cancer among men
  • Oral cancer has increased in young adults
  • Tobacco users are at higher risk
  • Exposure to the HPV virus increases your risk

Most people are not aware of potential risks; however, when detected early, the survival rate for oral cancer is very high.
The VELscope exam takes about two minutes, involves no pain or inconvenience, and is completely safe. Abnormal fluorescence patterns aid in detecting unhealthy tissue that sometimes cannot be seen with the naked eye, such as viral, fungal and bacterial infections, inflammation from a variety of causes, cancerous lesions and salivary gland tumors. Annual comprehensive oral cancer screening for all of my patients is very important to me. Early discovery has many positive impacts when you consider cancer; potentially longer life spans and reduction of treatment.

VELscope is a word that you will hear in our treatment suite.

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Dr. Angela Britt