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Dr. Angela Britt, DMD & Dr. Sadye Souther, DMD

IV Sedation

If you suffer from anxiety when it comes time for your dentist appointment, you’re not alone. In fact, 15% of the US population experiences some form of dental anxiety. Unfortunately, it can be so severe that people avoid going to the dentist all together, putting their oral health in jeopardy.

Good news! We are pleased to offer the option of IV or intravenous sedation to help ease the anxiety of our patients undergoing dental treatments. Otherwise known as “twilight” dentistry, IV sedation allows us to provide you with a relaxed and comfortable dental experience. Patients undergo a deep state of relaxation, and forget all about their treatment with this type of sedation.

A mix of medication is administered through an IV and you’ll be monitored closely during the treatment. While you do stay awake, you will not feel any pain or discomfort. In fact, you’ll be able to answer your dentist’s questions or make remarks.

Benefits of IV sedation include:

  • Works quickly and the dosage is tailored to the patient’s specific need
  • Provides a deeper state of relaxation then laughing gas or oral sedation
  • You won’t remember the procedure, even though you are conscious during treatment
  • You’ll lose track of time, allowing the dentist to comfortably care for you
  • Ideal for patients with sensitive gag reflex

Patient’s will want to make sure they have an adult to drive them home after the procedure as the sedation medication will take time to wear off. By the following day, however, most patients do not experience any discomfort or side effects due to the sedation. That’s something to smile about!

Think IV sedation might be a solution to your dental anxiety? Make an appointment with us and we’ll be happy to discuss whether you are a good candidate for this treatment. We’ll take the time to go over your health history and explain how the procedure works.

Our goal is to provide you with the best dental care possible. Don’t delay your next dental procedure due to fear. We have a solution that can help!

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