Does Your Smile Reflect Accidents, Wear, and Age?

If you aren’t quite sure why your smile looks tired, be sure to spend a few minutes taking our improved Smile Analysis! The series of simple questions can help you identify and share with us the things you might like to improve about your smile. If you have multiple issues that concern you, it might be time to consider Full Mouth Rejuvenation! What is that, exactly?

What Is Full Mouth Rejuvenation?

Over time, each of us can experience accidental damage to our teeth. We use our teeth every day to chew our food, and some of us develop bad habits like tooth-grinding or using our teeth as tools, which can cause severe wear and tear to tooth structure. As we age, we can lose bone in our jaws from improper care or just the simple process of aging. Poor bite and TMJ disorders can lead to uneven wear and pain. All these processes can affect the appearance and functionality of our teeth. Eventually, the deterioration in appearance and function can signal the need for restoration and repair. When the repairs involve most of the teeth, we call the repair process Full Mouth Rejuvenation.

The process of Full Mouth Rejuvenation can include reconstructive surgery, placement of dental implants and restorations, temporomandibular disorder (TMD) treatment, dental bridges and crowns, orthodontic treatment, and much more, specific to the needs of each patient.

Full Mouth Rejuvenation differs from a Smile Makeover because it is something that needs to be done, versus cosmetic changes that are often done primarily for appearance. Because of advances in the materials, Full Mouth Rejuvenation provides sound clinical restorations that are also aesthetically pleasing. A Smile Makeover and Full Mouth Rejuvenation both require excellent clinical knowledge and skill from your provider, and often use identical solutions, techniques, and materials.

If you are in the Brunswick, Georgia, area and would like to learn more about treatments available to improve your smile and oral health, please contact our office for a consultation.