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The benefits of dental porcelain bridges are wide and varied. Cosmetic dentists use this invaluable material to address a range of oral health issues. This is especially true in the case of missing teeth.

A porcelain fixed bridge replaces a missing tooth or teeth by using the surrounding healthy teeth as a foundation, essentially creating a “bridge” between the remaining teeth and the missing teeth.

If you’re experiencing a missing tooth or teeth, this can create significant problems for your overall oral health if not properly corrected. For example, over time your bite pressure may shift to other parts of your mouth to compensate for the inability to chew efficiently in the area of a missing tooth. This may also cause neighboring teeth to shift and cause subsequent discomfort, pain, and more problems down the road.

Dr. Britt can create a natural and functional bridge to enhance your smile, restore your bite, and alleviate any discomfort you may have been experiencing.

To determine if a porcelain bridge is the right dental solution for you, please contact Dr. Britt today for your personal consultation.

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