The Most Common Dental Issue

Our teeth work hard for us every single day — from chewing our food, to helping us speak properly and of course, giving us a nice smile. It’s no wonder that they might get worn down or broken and need some TLC. Do you know what the most common dental issues are?
Read more to find out.

We want our patients to know about common dental problems because they are easily preventable and can save your teeth from further damage. These include:

  • Tooth decay: According to the Centers of Disease Control, tooth decay is the most common chronic disease of children ages 6–11, and 9 out of 10 adults over the age of 20 have had some type of tooth decay. What can prevent this? Good oral hygiene and regular dental cleanings and exams.
  • Gum disease: The “silent” disease, many people don’t know they have it until it is in later stages. When this is the case, it has already done harm to the gums and treatment is needed to restore the health of the gum tissue and prevent bone loss. Again, good oral hygiene can prevent gum disease before it starts by avoiding the buildup of plaque and tartar on the teeth.
  • Oral cancer: According to the Oral Cancer Foundation, someone in the United States dies every hour from oral cancer. It is curable, however, when it is diagnosed early. That’s why during your routine checkups, we do an oral cancer screening to look for signs of this disease.
  • Tooth erosion: When acid builds up on the teeth, it causes the enamel to erode leaving your teeth sensitive and vulnerable to problems such as cracking. Enamel doesn’t grow back which is why it’s important to maintain a good dental hygiene routine.

If you have any concerns about your dental health or just want to make sure you are following proper dental hygiene habits, please let us know at your next visit to our Brunswick office. We are happy to speak with you about what you can do to prevent these dental issues from occurring.