New Year, New Smile!

The start of a new year is a great time to evaluate the state of your oral health and make any necessary changes. If you recently lost a tooth due to extraction or need to have a tooth replaced, now is a wonderful time to start the process. A missing or damaged tooth can cause numerous problems with your oral health and can also negatively impact your self-esteem. We have a number of excellent tooth replacement options available that can restore your smile and change your life. Read on to learn more.

A Bridge To Dental Health

If you suffer from one or more missing teeth, you already know the difficulties this dental condition poses when it comes to chewing food and speaking clearly. Many people with missing teeth are also uncomfortable with smiling, or cover their mouth when they speak. It can have a negative impact on your confidence, too. With dental bridges, however, you can regain the function and beauty of your smile.

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Dentures, Only Better!

Even if you don’t wear dentures yourself, you’re probably aware of the drawbacks. They limit what you can eat, slip out of place, make speaking difficult, and don’t always look natural. What few people talk about, though, is how dentures can alter the structure of your face. Over time, bone mass in the jaw is lost, resulting in the sunken in look that makes people look much older than they actually are. The good news? I have the perfect solution. What is it and what does it have to do with the Las Vegas Institute of Aesthetic Dentistry? Click here…

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Do you have missing teeth? What is happening to your jaw bone?

The loss of teeth can create many problems, including dissolving away of bone structure, loss of support for the face and damage to the remaining teeth. The face can have an appearance of sagging, wrinkles and aging. Damage to any remaining teeth can be caused by the full stresses and loads of chewing that they still must bear. Once enough teeth are missing, then nutritional changes begin to cause medical problems and your overall general well-being can be compromised. The deterioration of the jaw bones affects the appearance of how the face “drapes” over the bone. This makes you look…

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New You Denture Day Dec.11

Why not Experience a “New You” in 2014, with a Great Smile and a Vibrant Youthful Look that appears completely natural! The New You Dentures may be the solution for you if you want: A more attractive, natural smile Great facial support that eliminates the “sunken in” look A neuromuscular/cosmetic approach to denture building and treatment that will allow you to maintain optimum muscle relaxation, bite and function that translates directly into the appearance of your dentures Full lips, strong profile, filled out lower facial features To look better and feel better. Some patients look 20 years younger! Q: You…

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New You Dentures – the nonsurgical facelift for denture wearers!

I want to share this month’s general facts with you about New You Dentures. REVIVING THE LOST ART OF DENTURE MAKING Traditional or conventional dentures have continued to decline in quality by succumbing to market demands for low costs and mass production. The problem is, no two mouths are alike and ‘one-size-fits-all’ has actually become ‘one size doesn’t fit anybody. By combining aesthetic training with advanced denture building techniques and technologies, a New You Dentures trained dentist, like myself can often achieve dramatic results not possible with conventional dentures. THE BENEFITS OF NEW YOU DENTURES: A GREAT SMILE AND A…